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Hours and Fees

Mikveh Schedule 

Sunday-Thursday 8:00-9:30 pm
Saturday 8:45-10:15 pm 

Please note: The Keilim Mikveh has been renovated and is open for use                

No appointment is necessary for use of the Mikveh during these times. 
The Mikveh’s answering machine (516-933-3215) and the Young Israel of Plainview weekly e-mail will list the current hours as well as any changes in the schedule due to holidays or fast days. Please make sure to arrive 40 minutes before closing time for a bath, and 20 minutes before closing for a shower.

*Appointments are necessary for Friday and Yom Tov evenings. 
Please call or text Rochelle at 516-456-1347 to make an appointment. 24-hour advance notice is greatly appreciated.

Appointments are necessary for women who must use the Mikveh other than regular hours and for special circumstances.  For these appointments, text or call Janet on her cell phone at 516-978-3464. We will do our best to try to accommodate you.

The fee for women is $25.00. Please see special information for Brides here.

The Keilim Mikveh is open for use during daytime hours and closed during the hours coinciding with use by women.
Please note: There is a new code in place for the lock on the door
; please send a text to 516-978-3464, 516-655-3847 or 516-456-1347 to receive the code.