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Preparation for Immersion

The laws of family purity help to sanctify the special bonds of Jewish marriage, and they introduce a period of separation and reunion between a wife and her husband. Separation begins with the onset of monthly menstruation, during which time, the husband-wife relationship is expressed without physical intimacy. When menstruation ceases, a woman calculates the correct time to immerse in the Mikveh. 

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to help calculate Mikveh immersion.

Prior to immersion, a woman must prepare herself thoroughly and prevent any barrier that would come between herself and the waters of the Mikveh. The following checklists will assist women to prepare:

Yoatzot.org: Preparation (Chafifah)

For questions regarding preparation please contact:

Rabbi Elie Weissman of the Young Israel of Plainview, 
Office phone: 516 433-4811,  Cell phone: 718 510-5852 

Yoetzet Halacha, Rebbetzin Avital Weissman is also available for consultation. She may be reached at 718 510-5853 or via e-mail: yoetzet@yiplainview.com